Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time for a Photo Shoot. . .

A must have in the modeling industry is photographs of yourself. These photos will help you book jobs... the point of them are to show prospective clients how you look on camera because you don't have any tear sheets.

Find a local photographer that is experienced in fashion/commercial photography. You may have to spend a range from $300-$600 for a 'good' variety of photos to build your book. You can always try Model Mayhem to find a photographer who is looking to 'trade', meaning you help build their book and you will receive photos in exchange, but you may not get the kind of photos you are looking for if they are an amateur. Any experience in front of the camera is much needed to begin your career.

After you book the shoot, find out if they will be having a make-up and hair stylist, which is preferred. If not, find your own on Craigslist or again Model Mayhem. You'll be surprised how many people who are trying to break out in the industry will do things for free that will benefit the both of you. Always bring your own make-up and hair items in your bag, just in case someone is a no-show.

Some photographers will have some wardrobe for you... but to be safe, bring a variety of clothes. Bring colored clothes; no black, white or gray. Make sure to bring your best clothes that are 'camera ready' and your favorite fitted jeans that show off your body. Bring your stilettos! No flip flops. (If you are interested in fitness modeling, bring your tennis shoes)

The day before the shoot...
  • Practice your photo movement in the mirror. (Look in magazines or online to get an idea of different poses)
  • Practice facial expressions, find your better side.
  • Have your clothes pressed and cleaned.
  • Make sure ALL nails are short, clean and clear nail polish.
  • Wash your hair. (Do not ever go to a photo shoot with wet hair, unless otherwise noted)
The day of the shoot...
  • Always arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • Bring water and a magazine.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a snack.
  • .... and work the camera!!
Good luck at your shoot! Be confident in yourself, your going to look and do great!!

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